Cognitive Distortions

Many people, including myself, at one time or another, have suffered cognitive distortions. Cognitive distortions are ways that our mind convinces us that a situation, event, or object isn’t right. These thoughts augment negative thinking or emotions- convincing us that our thoughts are real when in fact they make us feel terrible about ourselves. When I… Read More Cognitive Distortions


Does an eye for an eye really make the world go blind? I question this after the recent deaths of Philando Castile, Alton Sterling, and five officers of the Dallas police force. In this case, I felt revenge wasn’t an appropriate response, it made race relations worse and muddled the message of the Black Lives… Read More Revenge

Mind of a Terrorist

In light of the Paris Attacks and the San Bernardino mass shootings, I ask, “What attracts individuals to terrorism?” In the study, “The Mind of a Terrorist: A Review and Critique of Psychological Approaches,” Jeff Victoroff explores four psychoanalytic psychological theories to terrorist behavior. They are identity theory, narcissism theory, paranoia theory, and absolutist/totalist thinking.… Read More Mind of a Terrorist

Who’s in Power, the Situation or You?

In my one of my past posts, I spoke about the negative effect that labels have on mental illness. Let’s further the discussion, how much of an effect do labels, roles, and expectations have on people’s behavior? Philip Zimbardo, an American psychologist and professor, explored that particular situation in his famous Stanford Prison Experiment. The… Read More Who’s in Power, the Situation or You?