Cognitive Distortions

Many people, including myself, at one time or another, have suffered cognitive distortions. Cognitive distortions are ways that our mind convinces us that a situation, event, or object isn’t right. These thoughts augment negative thinking or emotions- convincing us that our thoughts are real when in fact they make us feel terrible about ourselves. When I… Read More Cognitive Distortions

Thanks Kid Cudi

Dear Kid Cudi, Thanks for being honest about your depression, anxiety, and suicidal urges. I’m happy that you’re checking yourself into rehab and getting the help that you need. It’s difficult to be honest about mental illness and any problems associated with it. Your honesty has been a giant blow to the mental health stigma,… Read More Thanks Kid Cudi

Hey! Being on Time is Good for Your Mental Health

My therapist and I spoke about the importance of time awareness and time expectations in regards to mental health. I learned that individuals who have depression and anxiety struggle with time awareness, surprise. surprise. Also, I learned how my lack of time awareness increased my anxiety and made committing to my responsibilities difficult. One way… Read More Hey! Being on Time is Good for Your Mental Health