Anxiety is Selfish

Anxiety consumes my time, my love, my energy. It has broken the relationships I’ve cultivated. But it’s here to stay. I hate it, but I can’t imagine a life without it. I’ve lived with it so long that it’s my shadow. Most days it stays in its corner, Thinking of ways to catastrophize the most mundane… Read More Anxiety is Selfish

The Myth of Other Girls

I felt special when potential romantic partners said, “You’re not like other girls.”It was a compliment because it was better to have more “masculine” personality traits rather than “feminine” traits. When I became older, I realized how that statement is a backhanded compliment that is misogynistic and a contradiction.  Misogynistic  The comment is misogynistic because its… Read More The Myth of Other Girls

Very Busy

My Lovely Dear Readers, I have been working my tail off in student teaching for my elementary credential. I apologize for not having a blog post up today, I’ll catch up for next week! I hope everyone has been doing well and I’ll be doing a better job in updating. Thank you so much. xoxoxox,… Read More Very Busy