Learning about the Value of Friendship through Swingers

Los Angeles Festival of Books!  Today I went the Los Angeles Times’ Festival of Books. If you haven’t gone, it’s a fantastic festival that has conversations on writings, readings, and a variety of booksellers. I highly recommend it if you’re a huge bookworm and book lover like me! Swingers!  Mr. Squigglekins and I went to… Read More Learning about the Value of Friendship through Swingers


I struggle with assertiveness. I can be assertive; I just don’t know when to be assertive and when to keep my mouth shut. I often confuse assertiveness with rudeness because that’s what was modeled for me growing up. Case and point, growing up, my mom would use slurs or scream at people to get her… Read More Assertiveness

R.I.P., Chester

It’s nighttime, and I’m in my cousin’s car. My cousin, Ate, is driving her sisters and me from our relatives’ party to their house. On the stereo plays this catchy but angry song. It has rap and screaming at the same time- I’ve never heard anything like it. My cousin, Tfluu is sitting in the front seat… Read More R.I.P., Chester