Learning about the Value of Friendship through Swingers

Los Angeles Festival of Books! 

Today I went the Los Angeles Times’ Festival of Books. If you haven’t gone, it’s a fantastic festival that has conversations on writings, readings, and a variety of booksellers. I highly recommend it if you’re a huge bookworm and book lover like me!


Mr. Squigglekins and I went to a script read-through of the film Swingers by performers of the famed comedy group Upright Citizens Brigade. It was part of the conversations’ series the festival had. The gist of the movie is about a guy named Mike who leaves New York to become a comedian. His girlfriend of six years just left him, and he has difficulty coping. His best friend and pals try to make him get over his relationship by taking him to lounges to get girls and build his confidence.

Even though the story is male-oriented, at the heart of it is a close friendship that anyone can relate. The main character Mike is insecure and depressed after the breakup of his long-term relationship. His best friend Trent is a cocky, suave guy who tells him to forget about his ex and explore the new relationships he can have in L.A. As much of a  whiner Mike is, Trent is relentless in taking Mike to new places and getting him laid.


I relate to the story because every time I went through difficult times, I at least had one friend who helped me through my slump. One person is my friend Hello Kitty, who was my rock when I was in college. She was there when I went through my first college breakup and was there for me when I went to the hospital. As much as I told her she didn’t have to accompany me, she insisted. Another person is my friend Miss Ventura, who also helped me during college. When I didn’t want to sleep in my apartment by myself because I was feeling depressed after my miscarriage, she let me rest at her place. She listened to me during my complaints and pushed my shit in when I pitied myself.

   Miss Ventura and Hello Kitty were my Trents, and I’m grateful for them. I don’t know how I would have survived if it wasn’t for their friendships.

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