It’s My Birthday Tomorrow

So it’s that day I’ve dreaded since I’ve turned 26, and that’s my birthday. I’ve dreaded this day since I turned 26 because that’s when my status anxiety turned for the worst. At 26, I saw that my friends were getting engaged, married, and having kids. I looked at myself and started fretting that I wasn’t an adult and not fast enough for life’s milestones. The next year at 27, I still whined about the same thing. At 28, I’ve decided not to do that, but rather write a list of 27 things I’m glad happened.

  1. Survived being 27 with my mind intact.
  2. Went to an Asian Kungfu Generation Concert
  3. Scored Hamilton tickets.
  4. Quit student teaching and realized teaching wasn’t for me.
  5. Found a full-time job with special needs.
  6. Refinanced my loans and gained more financial knowledge.
  7. Had an essay published in Xojane.
  8. Found co-workers who support me.
  9. Found a job that helped me be more assertive.
  10. Went to Portland, Oregon.
  11. Discovered Podcasts and started listening to its community.
  12. Discovered Yaoi and its fun-loving couples.
  13. Took another class with the lovely Brett Paesel
  14. Went back to ballet.
  15. Become more active in my civic duty.
  16. Gay Marriage is legal.
  17. Realized my true friends.
  18. Discovered and Watched Yuri on Ice.
  19. Discovered and read Ten Count
  20. Read Call Me By Your Name
  21. Started listening to J-Rock
  22. Started listening to Hip-Hop more prominently.
  23. Went to the art show A Lifetime of Dick Pics.
  24. The California drought is over.
  25. Performed in a ballet.
  26. House Roots Coffee
  27. Celebrated my six-year relationship.

There are many things that I could regret and complain that I did or didn’t do, but it isn’t going to help me grow. Instead, I’m going to pursue my goals and smell the roses before it’s too late! Here’s to a great 28th year for me!