A Letter to My Anxious, Teenage Self

*Dedicated to the ten years since I graduated high school*

Dear Teenage Self,

It’s not the end of the world. The boy who dumped you, the cousin who yelled at you, and the failed math tests, it doesn’t matter. You’ll get over it, you’ll breathe, and you’ll become stronger.

Your undiagnosed anxiety will lift. The best advice I could give you is to stop resisting. The more you resist, the more it will push, and the more bothersome it will become. It wants to be hugged and comforted.

Also, stop procrastinating. It adds fuel to your worry.

I know mom and dad aren’t understanding. Instead of threating to hurt yourself, destroying and throwing objects, or yelling, try to have a one on one talk with them, especially mom. She is more compassionate than dad, and it’s easier to get her to do things.

I’d set better boundaries for friends. There will be few friends that will stay into adulthood. The classmates you considered your best friends, you’ll look back and realize that they weren’t the best friends you needed, but they were the best friends you wanted.

This guidance is tough love- but don’t be so open about your anxiety. Some people will understand, most won’t.

The last pieces of advice I can give you is to enjoy high school and to stop looking at what your classmates are doing. They are on their own path, and you are on your own. Anxiety will lead you nowhere, but fearlessness will lead you to your passions.


Love yourself no matter what hell you’re going through.

Love Truely,

The Adult Version of Yourself.