The Positives of Being Blocked by Your Boyfriend’s Car

Canceled Work

It’s been a tough week in my personal and work life. This week I was let off a case, and a client charged at me and tried to grab my mouth. Today, I canceled work because Mr. Squigglekins’s car was blocking mine and I was unable to back up from the driveway to leave. ( Mr. Squigglekins’s mom took him to the airport because he had to go a meeting today, so he left his car at the house.) I’ve been in the house all day, which as usual causes me to go stir-crazy. Also, I have a headache, and I got into an argument with Mr. Squigglekins over the phone. Despite the unfortunate circumstances, I had a great day because I rested and I finished work.

Here’s what I did!

  1. I wrote three blog posts, including this one, which means I am ahead in my writing.
  2. I studied for the SEO class that I am taking on Coursera.
  3. I wrote an incident report for my job and emailed it to my supervisor.
  4. I watched episodes of Big Little Lies, Catastrophe, and I Love Dick.
  5. I slept extra, which is something I rarely do.

I won’t lie, I’m frustrated, but focusing on the good that came out of it allows me to see that I didn’t waste my time.

Photo by Paul Sullivan via Flickr.