Thanks Kid Cudi

Dear Kid Cudi,

Thanks for being honest about your depression, anxiety, and suicidal urges. I’m happy that you’re checking yourself into rehab and getting the help that you need. It’s hard to be honest about mental illness and any problems associated with it. Your honesty has been a giant blow to the mental health stigma, and that’s a wonderful thing!

I struggle with mental illness and it’s not easy. There are days where I feel that everything is overwhelming and days where I feel under control. It makes me feel less alone that someone who is in the spotlight, is going through a similar journey as me.

In addition, your honesty may encourage males, especially minorities, to be open about their mental health. From my personal experience and observations, minority males are stigmatized to talk about what’s going on in their lives and how their feeling. If no one is physically hurt, there’s no point to talk about it, which is not true. I feel that mental illness is difficult to heal because it’s not concrete, unlike physical ailments, hence why it’s taboo.

I wish you the best in your treatment and that you get well.