Dear Death

Dear Death,

You are important to the human life cycle, yet you make the world sad every day. I understand life is short and should not be taken for granted, but why do you take lives so young and quickly?

I know people die every day, but the Orlando victims’ deaths have been taking space in my mind. It’s hard to understand how many people died in a place that’s supposed to be a sanctuary and a place fo them to have fun.Was it already established from the time of the victims’ conception when their last day was going to be? Or was it a mistake? Was there someone supposed to be watching but they lapsed on their job, like a lazy celestial being? Why were these particular individuals chosen to die?  Did they suffer? Or was it a quick, painless death? The quick, painless death is likely answered by a medical professional, but the other questions, I’m not so sure about.

I’m fascinated by celebrity deaths, especially individuals who died close to my age. Take Peaches Geldof, Christina Grimmie, and Anton Yelchin. Death, why did you take them when their careers and lives were on the verges of expanding? Was it a lesson to teach us mortals that we shouldn’t take life for granted? I won’t lie that I started researching these people’s lives after they died. I scanned through their social profiles to catch a glimpse of who they were and what they did before they died. Sounds macabre, but I wonder if these people had any inkling they were going to die soon, or was it something that caught them off guard?

Death, do you have grim reapers that dress as normal people and take the souls of people before they die? I get this ridiculous notion from the show Dead Like Me. I think it would be nice if there was such a thing because people wouldn’t be alone at their time of death. There would be someone watching from the margins of life.

I have more questions. Do individuals who’ve died, get reborn in a different dimension? If so, do they watch their loved ones down on earth? Or is there no such thing and people turn into worm food?

I know you’re important, Death, but I wish your job was less heartbreaking.

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