Anxiety-induced forgetfulness

Lost My Recipe Book

I lost a recipe book from the library and its a result of my anxiety-induced forgetfulness. I went shopping at my local Food 4 Less and carried the book with me to guide me in buying groceries since my house rarely has any nutritious food. I bought my groceries and forgot that the book was still in the cart. I didn’t realize this until three hours after I left the store, which I felt silly about. I went back to the store and looked around the carts to see if the book was still there. I asked one of the workers to help me, and she did, but she didn’t find any book.


I’m frustrated at myself because of a number of worries I carried that day. Some of my worries included if I was going to receive a potential internship with a well-known writer from Attack the Show, my school projects, and balancing both. I decided to go shopping to see if it was able to push my thoughts away, which it did, but I lost a book.

Anxieties About the Lost Book

The anxieties I have about the lost book are “What if the book is super expensive?” “What if this happens again?” “Why am I so stupid for losing a book?” “Argh! This is the second time that I lost a book!” “Will I ever learn?” It doesn’t help that I have childhood memories of my mother yelling at me when I lost or forget to return my books on time.

Many people lose library books and I know it’s not expensive, but its a hassle. If I was less anxious than I wouldn’t have to waste money on buying another book for the library. Bah humbug!

Experiences Without the Anxiety-Induced Forgetfulness

This isn’t the first time anxiety-induced forgetfulness won. In my student teaching, I forgot an important transition in the lesson, which my master teacher was angry about. Forgetting important lunch dates with my friends because I was nervous for a project. Being in class and asking the teacher a question on a concept she just said because I wasn’t listening or if I was, forget right away.

Has anyone had any anxiety induced-forgetfulness? How has it affected you and others?

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