Ups and Downs of 2015

2015, for the most part, has been a great year, but with a few downs that have made me stronger.

The Positives 

Writing Pad
On the storytelling stage at the Cupcake theater. Photo: Writing Pad
  1. I completed a storytelling class with Writing Pad and performed a piece about the wonderful (H)omeless.
  2. Attended more writing classes at Writing Pad!

    Stephen Jenkins at the mic
  3. Attended Third Eye Blind and Dashboard Confessional concert!!!!

    Los Angeles Vegan, Beer, and Food Festival at the Rose Bowl!
  4. Attended Los Angeles Vegan, Beer, and Food Festival!

  5. Stayed up 24 hours at Disneyland and Disney California for their Diamond Celebration.

    49th Street in NYC.
  6. I went to New York with Mr. Squigglekins and stayed at former friend Mr. Williamsburg’s dorm-like apartment.
  7. Balanced five jobs while attending school and did not lose my mind!
  8. Attended the Los Angeles Festival of Tea with Mr. Squigglekins and our lovely friend, Mr. USC.

    Corn Fungus aka Huitlacoche
  9. Had wonderful food adventures!
  10. Met up with old friends, such as Mr. Urbana-Champaign.
  11. Attended The Dog Cafe!!!!!! Snorlax is adorable!!! I’ma biteya!

The Cons  

  1. Was ripped off $745 to replace a doorknob after I was locked out. When Shit Hits the Fan describes more the disastrous tale.
  2. My childhood friendships with Sad Bunny, Mr. Williamsburg, and Mr. Actor officially dead. ( Pictures of them shown above.)
  3. Wedding Snafu- I was invited to the wedding of Mr. Actor, but Mr. Squigglekins wasn’t, which made me pissed. Awkwardly enough, Mr. Squigglekins ends up invited to Mr. Actor’s bachelor party by Mr. Williamsburg. (Mr. Williamsburg and Mr. Actor are best friends, and Mr. Williamsburg was the best man at the wedding.) This resulted in the end of the friendship with Mr. Williamsburg and Mr. Actor.
  4. Was asked to withdraw from student teaching, a combination of my fault and the incompatibility with my master teacher.

2016 Resolution

  1. Say no more often and be more assertive. My lack of assertiveness has led to my downfall one too many times this year and my life in general.

I’m excited for the New Year to start and I hope you are too!

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