Olive Branch Offering–Sorry

Dear Nicole,

I apologize for scaring you away from our apartment. I was upset that you yelled at me after I checked to see if you were in your room, which was the apartment living space. I understand that you’re very particular about your personal space, and dislike it when people come unannounced. I dislike it when people speak harshly and condescending to me, and that’s how I felt when I was your roommate. I put up the table and the chairs against the wall because I wanted to teach you a lesson not to be rude. It worked and we had restraining orders placed against each other.

Here is a list of things that I’m sorry for:

  1. Sorry that I assumed we were able to share kitchenware. I should have brought my own right away.
  2. Sorry that I didn’t clean your dishes properly, and left blue soap on them.
  3. Sorry, I was inconsiderate of your sleep schedule. I don’t understand why our university placed a night owl and day bird together.
  4. Sorry I communicated poorly when I texted you to help me clean. I should have spoken to you in person and discussed chores.
  5. Sorry that I was a horrible cook that I always set off the alarm when I was in the kitchen.

The lesson I learned from our dilemma is we should have set ground rules as roommates. I didn’t understand your boundaries, and you didn’t understand mine. Instead of having foresight on what we were going to do, we went with the flow, which ended in hell. You were irritated by my idiosyncrasies and I was mad at the tone of your voice. I know we will never speak to each other, but if you see this, I truly am sorry.

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