The Importance of Fears

I always hear negative things about fear such as, “Overcome your fears,” “Fear is bad,” “The worst fear is fear itself,” and many others. Fear isn’t something to push away, it’s there to protect us and keep us alive.Here are reasons why fear is important in life.

  1. It’s the emotional equivalent to pain, it’s important to function and survival.
  2. It reminds you of mistakes, and what you can do it prevent it.
  3. Provides foresight from experience or observation.
  4. It provides direction in decisions that you have to make.
  5. It provides insight of whether your pushing yourself or not. Being comfortable doesn’t make you grow, being uncomfortable does. Trying new things, failing, and then getting up. If you’re scared, but are willing to push yourself, then you’re growing.

sink-400276_640     When fear disrupts our daily activities, relationships, and life in general, it’s a sign we need help. An anxiety disorder, such as OCD, is when fear becomes disruptive. Since I have OCD, I drive back to my house after I leave because I’m scared I left it open. I have to repeatedly check the alarm on my clock because I fear that I didn’t set it, and that I’m going to be late for work. I catastrophize over school, strangers, Mr. Squigglekins, my dogs, and everything else in my life.

I figured, life wouldn’t be life without fear. Rather than suppressing it, similar to other uncomfortable emotions, anger, jealousy, its best to co-exist and understand it, instead of fight it.

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