Shoo Shoo Resentment

Dear Resentment,

I do not like you. You hurt me physically and emotionally. You give me self-doubt and make imaginary enemies for me to fear. I am embarrassed by the destruction you caused for my heart and mind.

You tricked me into thinking that something is going to be taken away from me if someone is successful. Nothing is taken away from me someone wins an award or receives something that I wanted. You make me believe that people who hurt me owe me something. They owe me to get out of my life, not stay.

You suck my confidence when I need it the most. I create an inferiority complex to people who genuinely worked hard to be where they’re at. They don’t deserve my wrath and tantrums, they deserve my respect.

I place people on pedestals when you’re around, and I hate it. I idealize them; thinking life gave them a better deck of cards, when in fact everyone has their own shit to waddle through.

I’m my worst self when you’re around. My loved ones can’t stand me. They tell me I’m pouty and transfer my anger onto them. They become my emotional punching bags, after which they ignore me.

Go away. You’re poison to my soul and my insides ugly. I wish you never come back.

Photo Courtesy: By Nikko via sketchport

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