Stress and Garnished Wages

Mom’s Wages Garnished

I’m stressed because my mom’s wages garnished as a result of a loan that she decided not to pay to a bank because she believes they overcharged her interest. She is the breadwinner of my family, and is the person who pays the bills. I’m anxious and frustrated because I don’t want my parents to end up on the street, I don’t want to carry their debt, and I want them to be fine.


I’m pissed that my mom ignored this debt, which happened when I was in high school, (mind you, I’m in my mid-twenties) and thought it would go away. I’m also mad that my parents’ latte effect spending, stubbornness, and lack of financial savvy got them in this situation.

My parents live an extravagant lifestyle, which has its pros and cons. They like nice things such as Omega watches, designer bags and jewelry.  They act rich, even if they don’t have the monetary value to prove it. Since my parents grew up poor, they spend money on superficial items such as bags and clothes to make up what they didn’t have in their childhoods.

It doesn’t help that they lack the financially savvy to realize that buying cheap things over a period of time, such as fast food, adds up. The other problem is they don’t read the fine print when it comes to applying for loans.

School Loans

Case and point, in college my mom researched school loans for me, and decided that we would apply for the Discover student private loan. On the surface, the interest rate looked cheap; the fine print was that the interest rate was variable. Since a variable interest rate can go up and down depending on the economy, the interest rate for one of my Discover student loans is now 11%.

I’m pissed at my mother because I depended on her to guide me to financial success, (I was only eighteen), and  pissed at myself because I didn’t know any better.

I spoke to Mr. Squigglekins and he told me the only thing I can do is give my mother emotional support. She’s too stubborn to take my advice, and she can only learn from her own mistakes. It pains me to watch her struggle through financial problems.

Mother Crying

As I’m writing this, I hear her crying downstairs about her debt.  She worked really hard to emigrate from another country to become a successful registered nurse, and has achieved so much. I love her, but her lack of accountability for her debt landed her in this position.

The other help that I can do is looked for advice on the internet on what to do when wages are garnished. Hopefully, the advice can lead her in the right direction and give her a piece of mind.

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