Numb and Exhausted

The older I get, the harder it is to be vulnerable. I can’t tell complex emotions without hurting the other person. I end up in a difficult situation in which I wonder to tell them how I feel because it’s honest, or do I spare them the hurt feelings and feign happiness to avoid conflict?

I use to be huge into being always honest, but not so much. There are positives to telling white lies, such sparing the person’s pain or avoiding uncomfortable feelings. Placating I find can be super useful, when you want the situation to be done and over. As much as people say “Ignorance is bliss,” that’s bullshit. In theory it’s good, but I find it to be useful when one has suffered through compassion fatigue.

I want to be honest, and want my feelings to be validated, but am I willing to deal with the consequences if the reaction isn’t what I want? I’m not so sure anymore.

Photo Courtesy: Francisca Ulloa via Flickr

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