My Post-Vacation Meltdown (Or When Shit hits the Fan)

After I came back from New York, I found myself locked out of my house. The only option was a locksmith. When I used one, that’s when shit hit the fan.

The Beginning of How Shit Hits the Fan

Before I left for New York, I left my house keys I thought my mom was going to be home that day and could let me back inside. Well, it turned out while I was on the plane heading home, my mom left a voicemail saying that she was going to be at work that day. I had to Nanny, so I needed to get back inside as soon as possible.  I called my Dad, thinking he could drive back home from work during his lunch break since it’s not far. It turned out; he was in Whittier for training, which is two hours away. I called my mom, and she said my only option was to call a locksmith. Mr. Squigglekins offered to have me drive his mom’s car for work, but I refused because I didn’t want to cause any more trouble.

Locksmith 24-7 Services

I should have researched my locksmiths thoroughly. I was desperate to get inside and was not mindful of the costs. The locksmith I chose was Locksmith 24-7 Services because customer service told me it was around $35 to $54.

The deadbolts on the doors of my house are pretty secure and hard to open. The locksmith said he had to drill them to let me inside. I was tired and jetlagged, so I let him do his thing.


Payment Breakdown

I misunderstood the pricing because instead of paying the $35-$54 dollar range, I paid $745. Here’s how the price broke down.

  1. $55/hour for the Service call.
  2. $229 for Drilling the lock
  3. $189 for the doorknob
  4. $239 for the two locks that needed replacement
  5. $63 in tax.

Hindsight is 20/20

In hindsight, the locksmith ripped me off. I wasn’t assertive, and I should have said something. I knew something was up when they told me $745 because five years ago in 2009, my mom and I were locked out and she called a locksmith. The price she paid was around $100, and the locksmith didn’t even break the lock. The thing is I’m not sure if that situation is different because I went through the door that connected the garage and backyard. The lockout of 2009, my mom and I went through the garage door. Also, I believe the deadbolt at that time wasn’t locked; it was only the bottom doorknob

Shit Hits the Fan

I told my Mr. Squigglekins and my parents, and they were furious at me. They called me stupid and asked why I wasn’t assertive. I felt upset at myself and cried throughout the day. My mom told me she was going to fight it, and try to get my money back. Unfortunately, that didn’t pull through because the company I called isn’t a brick and mortar business, it’s a mobile business. I didn’t want to fight it because the receipt was signed.

Lesson: Be More Assertive

The lesson I learned is that I have to be more assertive and not say yes to everyone. It’s okay to say no.  It’s something I’ve repeatedly had to learn since I am a chronic people pleaser.

Photo Courtesy: Chris and Karen Highland 

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