A Letter to Andreas Lubitz

After hearing a letter about flight pilot Andreas Lubitz, I felt compelled to write him letter asking him why he did it. 

Dear Andreas Lubitz,

I wish there was some way that you were able to reach out to someone and tell them you were suffering before you killed yourself and a plane full of passengers. What was on your mind? Did you want to kill the passengers? Did you dissociate? Are you looking down and seeing the news your crash has caused? Are you remorseful for the deaths you caused? What made you feel that you had no one to turn to? You weren’t the only one suffering from illness. I suffer from mental illness and I’ve been at super low points in my life, but it didn’t last, even though it felt like an eternity. Mental Illness is horrible, hope you found what you were looking for.

Photo Courtesy: “Depressed” by Sander van der Wel via Flickr. 

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