Is it Appropriate to Slap another person’s Child?

      Me: So if it takes a village to raise a child, was the guy in the right to slap the kid?

            Mr. Squiggleskins: It takes a village to raise a child, not a village to beat a child.          

        Mr. Squigglekins and I recently watched the first episode of the Australian show “The Slap.” If it’s familiar to you it’s because the U.S. recently adapted the show on NBC. The show centers on the pivotal moment at a birthday party where a guest slaps a young boy. The context of the slap was that the boy terrorized the other guests’ children, and one of the guests felt it was his duty to set the boy straight.

Watching the show made me wonder if it’s appropriate to discipline another person’s child. There is one side that it’s only appropriate when the harm extends to others, and then there is the other side, which is no, it’s never appropriate to discipline another person’s child. What about if the child is harming your child? Would you discipline the badgering child in order to protect your own? What about if the parents aren’t there to discipline their kid? What do you do?

If I was in the position where I was at the party and my child was being terrorized by another child, I would take my child out from the situation and then tell the parents. As much as I would like to scold and hit the bully, it’s not my responsibility and I don’t want to create more drama.

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