The Life Lessons I learn with my fictional friend, Hannah Horavitz.

By HBO ( [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
By HBO ( [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons


In season 4, episode 4,” Hannah attends a party with her classmates and insulted their personalities and their writing. I cringed when I watched the episode, but I understand her resentment towards being in a new school and feeling undervalued by her peers. Granted, I also understand that Hannah more than likely misunderstood her classmates’ intentions and was just being defensive about her work.


In the next episode, Hannah puts copies of an “apology” letter about her actions at the party in her classmates’ cubbies and it’s discussed in class. The letter wasn’t really an “apology,” it was a justification on why Hannah did what she did. Her classmates saw through her words and told her straight that she wasn’t apologizing. She gets defensive and blames her classmates her for inability to be inspired to write.

My Own Experience

It’s easy to blame others than to look at yourself and say I fucked up, I did it recently. The day after my parents left for the Philippines, I missed a dog grooming appointment for Homeless and Gustavo. I thought it was supposed to be at nine o’clock because my mom told me before she left that it was at that time. If I looked at the list my mom wrote, she had a different time, which was 8. I called the dog groomer, and he told me that he called my house repeatedly but was sent away by one of my neighbors. He then said that he was unable to come to my house right now because he had other appointments, but was able to reschedule. I got mad and hung up on him, even though it was my fault for not reading my mom’s list.

Morals of both stories are own up to your mistakes and learn from them.

Photo Attribution: “Life Lessons” by Mario via Flickr. 

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