A Letter to My Obsessions

Dear Obsessions,


You have been a burden to me since the age of 8 when you appeared after I saw a clip from Agnes of God. You haunted me throughout high school by telling me that farting will make me a social pariah. Actually, it was my excessive need for reassurance that drove close friends away.

Remember when I dated Tosser, and he broke up with me after a few days? Thank you Obsessions for driving me to write letters to him so my uncomfortable feelings would temporarily go away, and telling random strangers about what happened. That totally made them crazy to be my friend! (sarcasm)

Obsessions, I don’t understand why you’re a tape on repeat. Why do you make me second guess with most everything in life? Why do you make me second guess driving? You make me feel uncomfortable with driving. I don’t want to fear driving, I want to feel confident. I want you to stop being the abusive friend the taunts me in my head. I already had three former acquaintances criticize me on my driving, I don’t need one more.

Oh another thing, Obsessions, just because a house got robbed, doesn’t mean it’s going to happen to me. One recheck in the house is enough, not a reminder to do five more. The same goes with car doors. One recheck should be enough, and not anything more.


Stop the gaslighting and the ‘I told you so’s.’ They aren’t welcome. I don’t need you, I don’t need this. I’m fine without you and your compulsions.

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