On my Mind: Death and Classism


I’d like to talk about Classism. Classism is discrimination against or in favor of people belonging to a particular social class. I believe that the United States focuses too much on racism and is in denial that classism exists. If i’m too general, please comment.

Ferguson and Eric Garner

James Boyd

For example, take the recent cases of Ferguson and Eric Garner. I found it peculiar that the media focused on these cases in comparison to a bunch of other similar cases. Was it because it was a black versus white crime? Was it because a police killed a civilian?

Similar Cases

Here are other similar cases where police killed a civilian: Keith Videl, James Boyd, Ezell Ford. Why weren’t these crimes given a higher profile in comparison to Ferguson and Eric Garner? Was it because these people were mentally ill and the networks couldn’t spin it to make it intriguing to viewers? Was it because it was mainly a white on white crime so no one would be interested in it? Was it because it didn’t affect the wealthy elite, so they didn’t bother to show it?

Harper High School

Another example is Harper High School, and other schools similar to it. Why isn’t there more publicity for inner-city students who drop out of school because they are afraid to be initiated into a gang, shot, or killed when attending? Is it because its seen as a “minority problem” so its okay for it to be swept under the rug? I don’t understand why certain social issues get shown in the media and others don’t. Is it because it doesn’t affect the corporations that control the media?

Mr. Squiggleskins and Mr. USC

Mr. Squigglekins and I’s friend, Mr. USC, said an interesting comment about my media complaints. Basically, if you put the lower class and the middle class against each other, then the wealthy won’t be attacked. Is it true? Not so sure, but it feels like it.

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