Do People Expect a lot from Me?

The importance of being aware of other people’s expectations, especially your partner’s expectations. 

This evening, Mr. Squgglekins and I talked about expectations’ management. He was mad because I told him five times that we were going to “cuddle,” but I got caught up in church and watching cartoons. I felt bad because I always say we’re going to “cuddle,” but I get distracted.

Since we didn’t “cuddle,” he became passive aggressive. When we were eating at one of our restaurants, I repeatedly asked him if he was okay. He kept replying that he was fine. That was a lie because I know when he says, “I’m fine,” he’s NOT okay. It’s irritating because getting him to tell me what’s wrong is like pulling teeth.

It frustrates me when people don’t tell me directly what’s wrong. I want to fix the problem right away and move on. But from talking with Mr. Squigglekins, I realize that I don’t always follow through on what I’m going to do, and that’s problematic. He has expectations, and when they don’t pull through, he gets upset and pouts.

At the end of the night, we made compromises. When I ask him what’s wrong, rather than telling me he’s okay, he will say to me “he’ll think about it.”  I told him I would keep my promises, and minimize looking through my phone so that he won’t feel left out.

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