Are Minorities Allowed to Culturally Appropriate?

Mr. Squigglekins and I went to the Koreatown Night Market. We ate at the trendy Ramen Burger, the Pho Burger, Acai bowl, and other specialty delights.



When we went to one of the coffee breweries, I noticed a young Korean girl wearing a Native American costume behind the bar. The first thought that came to mind was cultural appropriation. For those who don’t understand cultural appropriation, it is when one culture adopts elements from another cultural group without giving homage to them.

Part of me wanted to inform her the importance of respecting other people’s cultures, but I kept my mouth shut because I wondered if its “acceptable” for other minority cultures to appropriate each other. I know white people receive a ton of slack for wearing black face, Native American headdresses, but I don’t hear the same slack of minorities doing the same thing.

Is it ignorance on the girl’s parents? I mean she looked to be eleven years old, so I don’t think she would understand the concept of cultural appropriation. But I also don’t think her parents would understand cultural appropriation if they were born in another country. Asian cultures tend to have a conservative outlook rather than a progressive outlook.

I was slightly sad to see she was wearing a Native American costume, but its likely she didn’t know what she was wearing could be seen as disrespectful.

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