The Downside of Metacognition


Awareness and understanding of one’s thought process.

Thinking about Thinking

I’m good at thinking about thinking. I like understanding why I feel the way I do. It has helped me understand and control my impulses.

Metacognition and OCD

The downside of having metacognition is that it interferes with my OCD.

The Garage

Today, I went to my cousin’s house because my parents and relatives had a small gathering. My parents and I drove in separate cars. Backing from the driveway, I checked to see if I closed the garage. Closing the garage is one of my daily obsessions. It drives me nuts, and I feel that if I haven’t checked a certain amount of times, I get super anxious.

Is the Garage Closed?

When I drove on the freeway, I obsessed if I closed the garage. I have left the garage opened by accident before, and nothing has happened. But I always think of potential terrible situations such as someone robbing my house, stealing the dogs, and the house burning down.

How Does Metacognition Come Into Play?

Metacognition comes into play because, after the initial worry, I worry about worrying. I worry about worrying because I know when it happens, I’m not able to function. I feel sick, and my head feels heavy. It’s hard to pay attention and listen because I’m too busy obsessing.

My Cousin’s House

At my cousin’s house, I was so worried that I had difficulty having a conversation with my cousin. All I wanted was to go home and check the garage.

I calmed myself down by diverting my attention to reading articles on the net, eating, and talking to my cousin.  Also, I told myself that the thoughts I had were not real. The latter helped a little bit.


After staying for two in half hours, I headed home because the obsessions were too much for me. In the guise of “I needed to walk the dogs,” I told my parents and relatives I needed to go.

Phew, At the House

When I arrived home, I saw that the garage closed.

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