Quarter Life Crisis

Quarter Life Crisis

Ugh. Quarter Life Crisis. Looking at Facebook and comparing one’s self is not healthy. Everyone is getting knocked up, engaged, married, etc. It makes me wonder if I’m on the “right” track?

Keeping My Eyes Focus on Future

Keeping my eyes focus on the future rather than others is difficult for me. I always like to be better than the next person, smarter than the next person, further in life than the next person, etc. As you can tell, I’m competitive. Wanting to be the “best” is not bad. It’s ambitious and it shows that you’re willing to achieve your goals at any cost. It’s bad when it comes to the cost of your health and sanity, though.

I Need to Be the “Best”

Wanting to be the “best” or to be on the “right” track has triggered instances of my “quarter-life crisis.” What can really define the “best” or being on the “right track?” I mean what could be considered the “worst” for someone could be considered the “best” for others, and vice versa.

Stop Comparing Yourself to Other

Everyone is different. Just because someone is married now, doesn’t mean I have to go through it now. Just because someone has kids, doesn’t mean I need them now. Just because someone has moved out, doesn’t mean I’m not independent. I’m learning I’m not ready to assume those responsibilities yet, and I’m okay with it. Everyone has their own timetable. It’s not the end of the world and it doesn’t make me any different from the rest.

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