Ah, Skylar Page

One of the newest shows I like to watch is Clarence, a children’s show about a kid named Clarence and the adventures he has with his best friends Jeff and Sumo. It’s a silly and adventurous show that reminds me of my own childhood.


If you’ve been keeping up with entertainment news, you probably heard that Skyler Page, the creator of the show, was fired by Cartoon  Network for sexual allegations that were made by a female colleague. If  true, kudos for Cartoon Network stepping up and making a swift decision. If not, this guy has a long way to repair his reputation.

According to Jeff Rowe, a personal friend and writer of the show Gravity Falls, Page suffers from Bipolar I. During the day of assault, Page was walking through the streets shirtless screaming at cops, trying to a smoke a cigarette through his nose, and drinking old olive juice. On top of that he popped in and out of characters and answered questions with riddles. The day after, Rowe stayed with Page in the emergency room while he sang They Might Be Giants’ songs and spoke in a cowboy voice. (If you want to read more of the post, here it is.)

When I look at this situation, I see two victims. I see a female victim from assault, and I see a victim of mental illness. It’s unfortunate that help was given “after the matter,” rather than “before the matter.” From what I read, it seems that Page reached the point where he assaulted someone before he received help. It shouldn’t be that. There should have been a prevention for his behaviors or at least help when a female complained of his antics.

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