How Does Mental Illness Plays into Violence?

Fascinated by Rampage Killers and Motives

I’ve always been fascinated by rampage killers and their motives. Why they do the things they do, and what pushes them over the edge. Also, why the majority of these murderers are men. Part of me has sympathy for them because it makes me wonder what outside forces made them so upset they snapped?

Mental Illness

Mental illness is a finicky thing. There are moments where it feels like it’s in remission, and there are times when it comes down with a blowing hit.

Does this happen to these young men? Couldn’t they tell the difference between reality and fantasy? The adjectives that I hear associated with these males are shy, quiet, kept to themselves etc. They were also quite intelligent. Do we misunderstand quiet, intelligent males and push them to the side? Do they blend into the crowd that we never notice the symptoms?

Teenager Went on A Rampage

You’ve likely heard this in the news about the teenager who went on a rampage and started stabbing 20 students and a security officer in Pennsylvania. It’s different from the typical mass shooting the media blasts. When I read it, I thought if someone is going to execute violence on a mass of people, it doesn’t matter what weapon he or she uses. We hear guns often, but this story he used kitchen knives.

Don’t Believe in Making Guns

I don’t believe in making guns illegal. I feel if the U.S. did that it would create a bigger black market. In order for that to happen, you have to change the mindset of the country. Probably next time, instead of mass stabbing, it’s going to be mass stoning.

We have to dig to the root of the problem.

We have to bring up mental illness.

We have to stop making it taboo.

We have to invest in solutions on how to deal with it,  show compassion to people who have it.

Not blame it the surface level things such as guns, video games, music, media, etc. We haven’t touched the surface on it. These horrific events will keep going on if we keep ignoring the elephant in the room.

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